Spring is in the air, the trees in my road are turning a vibrant & energetic green as they renew the cycle of life with a fine coat of glorious leaves.

This got me thinking about change, which to quote the old truism, is actually the only constant in life. Why do we need change? It is because evolution is part of life, whether it is as a race, a product or a business - we need to be fresh with green vibrant shoots strengthening us and building on the past. If you fail to build or renew, you get a relic.

I have just changed to a new website (which I hope you like)  - why? because it is fresher, easier to navigate as a user and will be found better on search engines. To quote another trusim, it is not the strongest that suvive, but the most adaptable - this is truer than ever in the world of e-business and understanding how it fits into your business model.

Our focus at EmbroidMe Perth CBD is and always will be service. We look for ways to make our client's lives easier amd then give you the reassurance of a personal relationship that we believe builds trust in our products and services.

Making you look good - is what we do. Whether in the physical sense, or the behind the scenes , by using  our experience to deliver marketing solutions that help you grow and renew your business.  

Change bring it on! Especially the warmer weather, short sleeves, BBQs and fun with friends and colleagues.