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Pens travel with customers, pens sit on their desks, in their pockets, in the car and get used at home. Pens are giving a messgae all the time they are in use. The better quality the pen, the more likely it is to be used.and the longer it stays with the client.

There are many options from metal and plastic, to message pens with rotating messages and pull out banners. Decoration options include, pad, screen and digital print along with laser engraving. Whatever your price point there is a pen out there for you, so have a look at the catalogues below. or give us a call and we'll help you find the perfect pen.

A World leader in pen technology, Bic offer a range of pens from the economic “Clic” through to prestige brand Sheaffer. Guaranteed to write well and with top quality screen printing and laser engraving. Digital wrap print options and message pens really add impact when getting the message across.
A great range of pad printed funky pens, economic but good quality.
  Promo Brands - Image Collection
They say the pen is mightier than the sword and our new i.c.pens range proves it. It’s packed with a huge selection of magnificent promotional pens for just about every purpose. From prestige gift box sets to handy highlighters, plastic fantastics to polished alloy pieces, our pens are worth writing home about.
   Global Penline
 A wide range featuring promotional and high end brands, such as Parker and Waterman
  Promo Gallery
 A massive range of cost effective pens, Promo Gallery is a great place to start the search for the writing instrument that ticks your boxes.