At EmbroidMe Perth CBD we decorate garments and selected promotional product items with embroidery. We have the flexibility to source any promotional or garment decoration product from any supplier to satisfy your particualr needs. If we cannot source your specific requirement, we will also do embroidery on items you bring to us.

The embroidery can be based on either your design or logo, or just simple text. Our state of the art computerised embroidery machines are on site located behind our showroom in the heart of  Perth.

Logo / Image Artwork
To get the best results, we require the artwork for your logo or image in either vector (.eps ) or good quality image files (.jpeg). We can work from business cards or even photographs with excellent results, but the better the original artwork the better the final result will be. We then send the file off to specialist digitising company to create the stitch file.

Alternatively we can create artwork for you using using our stock library of designs and text in many different fonts and layouts.

Stitch Files
Creating the stitch file is a skilled and specialist process. It tells our state of the art computerised embroidery machines what order to embroider the colours, which stitches to use and the size. It must be understood that a logo that is 4cm x 2cm will not have the same number of stitches or layout as the same logo at a size of 8cm x 4cm, so a stitch file has to be created for each different size of a logo.

We believe that by using a specialist digistising company a better result is achieved.

Whilst there is a massive range of embroidery thread colours available, it is not always possible to match the exact colour of a logo, due to the infinite number of colours that can be created in print or on screen. We can however get very close and will always get your agreement prior to starting production.

Stitch Samples
We always produce a stitched sample of the design for you to check the detail and the colour selection. It may need some minor adjustment or colour changing and only when you are entirely happy will we commence production.

Repeating a Logo
Once we have been through the process, the stitch files are kept on the system with the chosen thread colour references . This means that subsequent use is much easier and it is just a case of selecting the garments, sizes and logo position.