EmbroidMe “Rescue” new charity Food Rescue with an early Christmas Present!

EmbroidMe “Rescue” new charity Food Rescue with an early Christmas Present!

The Team @ EmbroidMe Perth CBD with some help from our friends at EmbroidMe Claremont, were really excited to take on a rescue mission for a brand new charity – Food Rescue and donate some branded red T-shirts as an early Christmas present to help launch this great community service.

Approached by CEO, Jacqui Jordan, Food Rescue urgently needed some red t-shirts with the Food Rescue logo the next day for a photo shoot to launch the service and to get their “food rescuers” noticed as they recycle Perth’s unused fresh food to needy charities in the run up to Christmas.  The team at EmbroidMe Perth CBD, pulled out all the stops (and a few favours) to get the shirts in and decorated in record time.

Food Rescue is the missing link between the thousands of tons of fresh, nutritious food thrown into landfill each year by the food industry and the thousands of hungry and disadvantaged people in need.

It aims to alleviate hunger by rescuing perishable, fresh and nutritious food from restaurants, caterers, hotels, food wholesalers, retailers, farmers’ markets and primary producers, and deliver it to disadvantaged, vulnerable people. This is accomplished through a network of charities, agencies and programs that reaches our target populations, which include homeless shelters, women’s refuges, youth crisis accommodation centres, drug and alcohol crisis centres, struggling families and the aged community.

CEO Jacqui Jordan puts the case
As a newly-established charity, Food Rescue is actively seeking financial donors and volunteers to assist them Feed Perth this Christmas and beyond.” The quicker and greater the funding, the faster we can get food rescue on the road and help those in Perth doing it tough.”  

Food Rescue launches on Tuesday  21st December, so checkout www.foodrescue.com.au and help those embracing the true spirit of Christmas bring some much needed healthy nourishment  to those in need this season of goodwill.