Had this through from my mate Richard at www.SmarterWebStrategies.com and thought that with the turmoil in the financial markets and the knock on effects to business it was worth sharing.

Sentiments that I agree with 100%.

 "How’s Business?"

In this office business is great.

For us the ‘economy’ is speeding up, not slowing down.

Our business is booming!

Outside, some of the herd are talking themselves into a ‘recession’.

Many actually seem to enjoy it.

They are slowing down and complaining. They are wallowing in the mud of financial self-pity. For them the ‘economy’ provides a convenient and comfortable excuse for failure.

But we are not part of the herd!

Every day we discover new ways to provide better service and even greater value for our customers. And every day new customers are attracted to us.

They thrive on our positive attitudes, our ideas and our customer-focus.

They want to share our enthusiasm!

Of course it’s not always easy, but we are creative, clever and hard-working. We know our goals and we enjoy the vision of what our future success will bring.

We actively look for new opportunities, and every day we find exciting and profitable ways to help us achieve our goals.

We are not part of the herd.

By Richard Keeves


Written in Perth, Western Australia in 1990 during "the recession we had to have".

It’s now 2011. Business is happening online, and in the process every industry is being transformed.

In every industry, some smart businesses are creating the future they want. Others are suffering and even dying, often slowly and with unnecessary stress and pain.

With the right plans and the right help, your business can do better online. Your business can be great. You don’t have to be part of the herd.

How’s business going for you today? It’s your choice.